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tamil nagaichuvai/comedy - Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online. Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru - tamil movie script. Uploaded by. Nandhini JS . Knowledge of different dramas do you watch!,tamil lollu sabha comedy. Ammammaa script many Their script drama-comedy which can do comedy play scripts. Actor who good story-script for I met a pdfqueen pdf. > theatre arts > plays. This paper describes the structure of Tamil jokes and how creative writers use jokes to Sanskrit drama has provision for vidushaka, who may . Comedy, humor, jokes and laughter are now quite common in TV and movies.

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Tamil Comedy Drama Script Pdf

Results 1 - 24 of Showing results for "tamil drama in tamil script pdf" across Quikr Wanted freshers Female artist for new Tamil movie good pay. We are. Drama is a useful teaching tool as it offers ways of practising reading, writing, . In Cycle 1, students read and listen to the scripts, and start thinking about who. download comedy play scripts online, find a comedy, one act comedies, two-act comedies, comedy Sketches – a collection of comedy and drama sketches for teens.

See new additions below or pick your genre on the left. Please Note: If you wish to contact any of the writers, please change the a to an. This was put into place to keep dopey spammers from harvesting e-mail addresses from the site. All screenplays on the simplyscripts. All rights reserved. The screenplays may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author. The 20 Minute Window by Joe Splendorio ottercat12 Comedy - After finally convincing his silky smooth cousin to let him and two buddies tag along one night to learn how to score chicks, Josh learns of this rare opportunity that presents itself to men that have them scratching their heads. But with graduates on the decline, the family business must turn to him for an assignment to leech off the Lee and Chan families. However, his first assignment may be the Shin family's undoing. Roger Comedy - A disgruntled site employee downloads land from the Mexican Government in order to start his own country and declaring war on the United States. Accident Prone by Dale Swaby Comedy - Rigg,Darren,needs help with a problem of particulars when his former employer then decides to ask Darren to work for him again in a murky world of crime, the story unfolds as a subtle riot, with a brief end so far and lands Darren's crew in a slight pickle, they Addiction by Gregory J. Adrenaline by Benjamin Pearce Comedy - Erin and Mitchell Librias, Two bickering brothers must resort to their knowledge of pop culture films and video games after they return to their home town and discover a waterborne parasite has infected the minds of their hosts, turning them hostile and killing any uninfected survivors to silence them while they plot to spread the pandemic and cause world destruction. Once the brothers band with six survivors, as they attempt to stop the infected and infamous drug lord Chet Saddler, the leader of the infected.

Jake's brother is Jeremiah he's a hulking mindless serial killer in the vain of jason and Michael Myers. Jake will do anything to keep his brother happy, however the only thing that makes him happy is killing innocent girls. Brown by Finlay Short, Drama - 2nd year film project.

Atypical teen girls with guns. It's all just for fun! Buck's Burger by Helio J. Bulletproof by Steve Meredith srusteve09 Short, Drama - Devin carries out a school shooting with the help of some of his friends. The one person brave enough to confront Devin is a fellow classmate named Kyle. Kyle soon learns that sometimes the only way to fight fire The Bunyip by Jon Garland wordartisian Short, Drama - A daughter's strange behaviour after the loss of her father is a concern for her mother.

The Bus Ride by Mitchell Gray Short, Drama - A man overwhelmed by the social world finds his blissful daydream brush against reality when he makes an unwitting connection with his seatmate on the bus.

Bygones by Aaron Berry Short, Drama - A homeless man is joined on the corner by a slacker and his dog. Through a conversation, they discover that this isn't their first meeting and they're closer than they thought. Nelson can not afford to keep NJ in his special needs school.

With little recourse, Nelson decides to bet his savings at Hold 'Em. He loses.

Yet back at the hotel, NJ tries his hand at a virtual casino with life changing results. They attempt to become famous through the social network of the modern day. Alcohol even takes the life of one person that he loves… 37 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Little does he know change is just around the corner, but how will he take it? The prison cell is a penthouse on Wilshire Boulevard. Career Move by Richard Russell Short, Drama - A man down on his luck runs into someone who promises to make things better.

Carol by Bryan James bryan Short, Drama - Bears aren't the only fearsome creatures in the woods. Castles by Steven Clark Short, Drama - A day at the beach yields a profound moment for a father and his four year old son. Casual banter turns to a moment of truth when one reveals a dark secret to the other.

The Catch by Benjamin Dahlerup Short, Drama - A man at a dinnerparty gets interested in a young and innocent teenager. As the party progresses, and he gets drunker, the interest gets more and more intense. The Catch by Steven Clark Short, Drama - Upon returning home to discover his son's lost in video game land, Steve realizes there's only one thing to do.

Caught Sideways by Greg McLauchlin Short, Drama - The dirty little secrets of an upscale household are in jeopardy of being exposed when an intruder invades the home. The Cell by Kamren Bell Short, Drama - A young girl finds herself in an unfamiliar situation with only a fragmented memory and a surly confidant to help her piece together the the night before. Even if she can remember, will she confront the demons that come with the memories? Cell S27 by Stephen Moore Short, Drama - The night before his release from jail an innocent man gets a visit from some of the other animals in the zoo.

Can he remain innocent or must he become an animal to survive. Change the Channel by John Christopher Scarlet Short, Drama, Horror - A young man travels a long way to execute a will, all in the hope that he head home slightly richer then he already is. Change, The by Gabriel Moronta Mr.

Two Tamil Play Scripts

Ripley Short, Drama - Jim Morrison is going to change in prison one way or the other. Changing Tune by Baron White Short, Drama - A young man with who suffers from agoraphobia tries to break his phobia and return to the world. Charles's Band by Levi Gardner levijyron Short, Drama - A lonely old bachelor decides to give love another shot after a chance encounter with a stranger.

Chat Room Encounter by Ryan Short, Drama, PSA, Commercial - Chat Room Encounter' is a short script, possibly a commercial, about a young girl, Jessica, who begins chatting with, who she believes is a boy, but who really turns out to be a predator. The film is designed to inform parents and kids alike of the dangers of the cyber world.

But it's only now that he comes to understand life. Cheque For Mom by Simon K. Parker Short, Drama - Needing to find out why her mom is getting sent mysterious cheques every month, a young girl will get her answer but will also have her whole world turned upside down. Chinese Take Out by T. A Vegas call girl meets up with a cannibalistic john, or so he thinks. Based on the life of a young woman and her kids living in Dublin. Christian by Matthew Sanders Short, Drama - A young boy says goodbye to the only friend he's ever known.

Christmas in Leningrad by Dustin Bowcott hosted by Dustin Bowcott Short, Drama - A man, starving during the siege of Leningrad, goes to extreme measures to put food on the table. A young man bent on crime listens to Charles Dickens. Chubby Wubby is in Charge by Edith Woi Short, Drama - An 8 year old girl who is an illegal immigrant, endeavours to manage her household affairs despite having an illiterate mother and womanising father.

One night they debate the behavior of mankind. Of course the discourse of the romance has complications which both must work through.

Clementine by Stephen Brown stebrown Short, Drama, Noir, Thriller - A protective father looks back at his daughter's wedding night, a night he will never forget. Close Enough by Steve Burton SBurton Short, Drama - The boundaries of the platonic friendship between Larry, a straight man, and Gary, a gay man, are challenged as they deal with other life issues.

Closed for the Summer by Simon K. Parker skp Short, Drama, Teen, High School - Two friends will have to try and out think and stop a thug from stealing from their high school whilst it's closed for the summer holidays. Closet Space by Keelan Sumner - Hare Short, Drama - A closeted young teen much choose between his loyalties to his estranged family and the man he desires. Closing Hours by Alex Wallace xale Short, Drama - A man dying from cancer has a meeting with two people that may change the way he looks at what life he has left.

Closing the Distance by David Archibald Short, Drama - A young woman struggles to deal with life after a terrible car crash kills her family. She has tried to overcome her ordeal but when her abuser is released early from prison she's back to square one.

Cocky by Michael K. Snyder Short, Drama - The fall of a drug lord takes place on his own boat. Who is he fighting, and how did he get there? Coffee by Kowalski Short, Drama - A waitress, her boyfriend, and her lover are all entangled in a web of lies that eventually leads to a point of no return. Colder by John Helliwell Short, Drama - A spiteful Grandfather teaches his Grandson a lesson in cruelty, but regrets it when the seemingly innocent child proves to be a fatally quick learner.

He meets a colour blind man who can only see Vikram in full colour. The Colours of Prison by Abdulnasir Imam Short, Drama - A woman in a mental institution looks back at the last several years of her life and the incidents that led her there.

Comedy is Cruel by Sasha Patpatia sashaloveskonish Short, Drama - Humor is a weapon, so you better learn how to use it. Based on the short story "Comfort" by Alice Munro. Coming Home by Simon K. Parker Short, Drama - An overprotective father is tested my a beautiful young women when he crashes a party looking for his son who has broken curfew. Now, after they've both accomplished a great deal in their respective Air Force careers, they reunite, and Wesley tries to convince Ashley to come with him to the private sector.

In this monologue, he takes a look at his life, and recalls one very special night. Competition by Nikki April Lee Short, Drama, Thriller - A young bombshell receives the scare of her life when she cheats with the wrong husband. Is the man being interrogated the one who is committing the crime or is it someone else? The Confession by Adam Slutsky Short, Drama - In desperate need of confession, a troubled young man asks a priest to come to him.

Consensus by Richard Russell Short, Drama - When a group of teens loses its adult guide, they try to figure out how to survive in the wild. Conversation by Freddy Long Short, Drama - A suspect and detective have a conversation about an unknown charge in an interrogation room. Cottonmouth Coed by CJ Walley hosted by CJ Walley Short, Drama - Knowing she has a bounty on her head, a small time college cannabis dealer tries to convince a close friend to keep her business going so she can go into hiding.

Taking his son out of school he wants him to be the next big thing in boxing. But pushing him too hard his son will snap. Sam the driver is having a bad morning, her ride to work may become the last ride she ever takes 11 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Deliver a briefcase and get paid a lot of money. Criminal Mind by Helio J.

Criminally Candid by Frederick Cheaves Short, Drama - The friendship of two best friends are tested when one does something incredibly stupid. A Crimson Collar by Dominic Croucher Short, Drama - A doctor returns to work after a hit and run, desperate for normality, but her hopes are shattered by the first patient of the day. Crisis by Steve Meredith Short, Drama - Michael Donovan, a senior ranking intelligence official within the CIA, has a crisis of conscience after he directs an asset to take out a potential threat to U.

At the end of the day, Donovan seeks solace in a church confessional, and struggles to forgive himself for giving such and order. Crux of it All, The by Mark Lyons rc Short, Drama - An imprisoned man is given an extraordinary opportunity to bring retribution upon another inmate. Needless to say, he gets some bad news. Current by Brian Ji Short, Drama - As a young man struggles with a drug addiction, he learns the price of change.

Cutting Room Floor by Steve Fauquier Short, Drama - A reoccurring character who believes scene changes are a form of time travel attempts to navigate through a work in progress that may never see the light of day. The Cycle by Landon Harris Elmer Short, Drama - Time after time we are made aware of the cycle we are bound to, and yet we do nothing to break free from its shackles.

Cycle by Brennan Scott Short, Drama - A woman commits a heinous crime, as there's a knock at the door… 7 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Daddy by Marcus Walton Short, Drama - A father's love for his daughter is expressed emotionally and sometimes physically.

Corderio Short, Drama, Play - A play about a marriage built over the match between domination and invisibility. But a day after, they realize that something has gone wrong, and they ask themselves, do they really exist at all?

Damaged by Lindell Gross Short, Drama - After a terrible car accident leaves her mentally damaged and her psyche split between two personalities, Tabitha Ford tries desperately to be 'normal' for her husband and new born daughter; wanting only to protect them at all costs. But what if the very evil you needed to protect your loved ones from Damien by John J.

A Dangerous Obsession by Itai Marango Short, Drama, Thriller - A young sucessful businessman bumbs into a past that completely turns everything upside down. Dano Jensen's Closure by Oney Mendoza Short, Drama - Traumatic memories are revisited for funeral director Dano Jensen when he learns that the body of his childhood bully is in the basement, ready for prepping.

Daring Risk of Standing, The by Mike Carlone marshallamps Short, Drama - Walt Tunit wants to leave the family barbecue, while struggling with himself at the same time.

Drama script free to download

Dark Release by Justin Kremer Short, Drama - An aging Sheriff in a small midwestern town must balance his professional and personal duties on the anniversary of his wife's death. Dark Snow by Ronald Micci Short, Drama - A sexually frigid woman overcomes her fears of intimacy, only to encounter jealousy on the part of her maiden aunt. Harassing about how useless their attempts at helping are.

In the end they push her to a truth she cannot accept. Day 67 by Gavin Logan Short, Drama - A young couple, still in the infancy of passion, have their feelings for each other tested when a dark secret emerges whilst travelling on a road trip. Day Care by Brandi Self Short, Drama, Animation - When a cantankerous two-year-old visits day care for the first time, he meets a new love and discovers a puzzling painting that could change the way he sees things forever An endless cycle of gathering souls - but what happens when doubts about the job begin to unavoidedly pile up?

Dead and Gone by Matt Smith Short, Drama, Zombie - A virus plagues the nation, a small town is left to defend itself against the virus's victims. However, what happens when you can't let go? Dead Broke Pilot by Neal Adams Najapa Short, Drama, Crime, Dramedy - A marketing executive's mother falls dead, and he has to head home to care for his sick father, and younger brother. He takes over the family funeral home, but after borrowing money from his Russian crime boss uncle finds himself involved in the "other" family business as well.

Dead Good Friends by Simon K. Parker skp Short, Drama - Two friends come together to see that a third's last wish will come true. However, not everything goes as planned. Deadline by James Brandon Short, Drama - Rich returns to his dorm room after shooting up his university campus. Ready to end it all, he is stopped by the one woman that drives him. But is she a force for good? Deceptive Ardor by Christopher Pope Short, Drama, Dialouge Driven - Chris and Kimberly discuss their future as a couple, while both of them have their own paths to travel.

The Degenerate by Mike Shelton Short, Drama - An unlucky gambler figures out how to avoid paying off his debts without any trouble. Or does he? Delivery by Jonathan Garland wordartisan - Tamarack Larch Short, Drama - A mailman on his regular run finds himself in a most irregular and unsettling situation. Demons by Matthew Sanders Short, Drama - With death approaching, a troubled father confides in his daughter.

With his life's greatest achievement at his side, he shares his life's deepest regret. D'enouement by Bryan Mora Short, Drama - Tranquilize, unravel, and let love possess us all, until it feels like home again. The year The DeSoto Buzzer by Henry Christner Stumpzian writing as Short, Drama - The anniversary of a national bass-tournament victory is cause for celebration, but one species doesn't see it that way -- so to speak.

Despair is as simple as a phone call by Michel J. Duthin Short, Drama - One great moment of solitude or 'Happiness is as simple as a phone call' antithesis. Desperate Measures by Pranil Nand Short, Drama - A man with a drug addicted wife and a five year old daughter must escape from a deadly gas threatening their lives and head into an underground bunker. Desperation by Jennifer Chapman Short, Drama - When a rookie cop and his partner answer a domestic violence call, they comes face to face with the abusive husband who is also their boss.

The rookie cop discovers corruption and has to save the wife in time. The Deuce by R. McManus rendevous writing as? Short, Drama, Thriller - An elevator and two guys on their way up. What can go down? The Devil in Disguise by S. Goodman guk Short, Drama - The new millenium is upon us, and a man and woman sit down to discuss the balance of power. But who cares about humanity more God or the Devil? The two talk, and it ends in a way you would never expect.

Diamond District by Larry King Short, Drama - Movers and shakers of ficticious Diamond City battle corruption and each other while they mold the city in there image and it does the same to them. The Diary Of M follows a young man struggle battling with mental illness. Dinner Serves by R. McManus rendevous Short, Drama - Dogglebe decided two people eat.

I created them. Hope you enjoy their dinner. A homeless man is dubbed the dirtiest man in the world. Disassociation by Dustin Bowcott hosted by Dustin Bowcott Short, Drama - A family man learns why it's wrong to bully people on the internet. Discharged by Brandon Stephens Short, Drama - After many years in the military, a gay man deals with life after discharge.

The Diver by Max Ruddock Short, Drama - An epiphanal moment in an athlete's life when he finally understands the reason behind his lack of success. Ultra short one-pager with one location and one actor.

He now has one final mission.

tamil nagaichuvai/comedy

To end his own life. Duthin michel Short, Drama - A priest tries to convince a young man to stop eating a dog… pdf - Discuss this script. Never trust a man whos conscions is up for sale Don't Push by Chris F. It's about a big red button. Double Break In by Alex Harvey Short, Drama, Crime - A short crime film in which two teenager burglars rob the same house that professional thieves are raiding-The latter of whom are aware of 2 million dollars worth of cocaine hidden inside.

John Quinones and his crew film the family picnic, which turns out to be much more than they bargained for. All the more if you believe in them. Trish attempts a last ditch effort to save it, and she finds out a secret that will answer her question for her. Drive-Thru the Day by Nat Miles Short, Drama - As a robbery takes place in a fast food restaurant, a drive-thru worker finds herself locked inside a washroom with only her headset. Luckily, there's someone on the other end.

Drop Dead by Kenney Ponsaert Short, Drama - A man, Michael, is tired of the family barbecue so he hides in the bathroom together with his cigarettes. Few family members visit him and then they chat about how much of an asshole that the head of the family, also the bbq handler, really is.

His nephew tries to show him the way out. Duke by Steven Clark Short, Drama - Despite her initial objections, a wounded Veteran agrees to take a courageous first step towards recovery. Dumb Animals by Philip Whitcroft Short, Drama - A corporate representative conflicts with the farmer and makes some disturbing discoveries when she inspects a distinctive farm.

Duplex by Brandon Schinzel Short, Drama - For some, road rage can be considered a brief moment of uncontrolled insanity. A ride home will change a couples life forever. Walsh arrives early at the restaurant to chat with his favorite waitress Nina.

Echo Park by Marvin K. Dirk Bogart, private investigator receives a mysterious visit from a beautiful woman by the name of Angela Devine who convinces him to take a missing person case against his better judgement that plunges him into the dark world of a hitman by the name of Vinnie "the pick" Demucci. Echo Screen by Dan Tonkin Short, Drama - An ex-convict volunteers for a new government programme for early release, and confronts his crime's guilt and horror in order to be assessed for bail.

And the other is a small Vietnamese boy who only wishes to protect his little brother. Eight Five Two Six by Max Smart Short, Drama - Mark Berken grapples with a mental illness, while his colleagues are in the dark as to what is about to unfold, an event which will change the lives of people and their families - forever. The Elements by Marcello Degliuomini Reel-truth Short, Drama - A man must fight for his survival during a harsh winter, deep in the wilderness. Elevator Conversations by Pablo Vizcarrondo Short, Drama - Eliana gets stuck in an elevator with whom she believes to be an ordinary man, but he indeed becomes her savior.

Guess the cop never saw it coming. In this information age anything can happen. IQ of the people is increasing. End of the Line by Jordan Weibe Short, Drama - A brutal killer has more in common with his new cell mate than he thinks.

End of Time by Brandon Short, Drama - A stubborn old man whose only friend is a beta fish, reaches the end of time and discovers life in death. A character driven symbolic story about our perceptions of change and human purpose.

They meet secretly every week at a deserted barn to play chess, since she is Catholic and he is Protestant. When John's older brother confronts the two at the barn the end result is tragic.

Endless Nameless by D. The Engineer and The Architect by Christopher West thesecond Short, Drama - Two talents which are linked naturally by aspirations can be a powerful catalyst for accomplishment. Entrapped by Wise Short, Drama - Amanda, a something young lady, fakes pregnancy to get back with her boyfriend.

Will Her plan work? Entropy of Love, The by Michael Nelson miken Short, Drama - At the end of his senior year of high school, Steven's crush, Skyler, rejected him when he needed her the most. Now, years later, he still loves her but his own life is descending into chaos. How much will one person put themselves through in order to find love?

For Steven, love knows no bounds and he is prepared to go to extreme lengths to win Skyler's affection. Ephemeral by Anthony Brennan Short, Drama - A chance encounter changes the lives of two very different people. Escape by Nikki A Lee Short, Drama - In a society where a family's social status is controlled by a daughter's husband's good graces, a spirited, determined young Indian woman takes the greatest risk to help her sister escape a deadly arranged marriage.

The Escape by Ben Morales Short, Drama - After realizing that they do not want to end up living stable and unfulfilling lives, two recent high schools grads decide to rob a gas station in order to fund a worldwide getaway. They discuss their reasons for joining the squad while they dismantle a bomb. He'll have to do the unthinkable to break even. Ever After by Henrich Horvath Short, Drama - Overconfident in the benefit of money can yield, one man's comfort of wealth is shattered, and view turned around, by an unearthly ordeal.

Evolution by Praneel Nand Short, Drama - Sammy is held against his will inside a government facility, his unique abilities leave much to be gained as his psychologist tries to unwrap the enigma which is him. But a fateful day sees the tables turned and no one seen it coming. The Execution of Bonnie B.

Hell hath no fury. Exit Nothing by Patrick King Short, Drama - A twenty-something writer on the verge of leaving his wife for a woman he's only met online spends the day with his mentor, known only as the Mad Poet, before making his final, life-altering decision.

What's the worst that can happen? Fabric by Anthony Cawood Short, Drama - In a picture postcard village, an officious accountant decides to make the horologist redundant, not realising just how important he is to village life. A Faded Rose by Phone Tha Short, Drama - A troubled teenager copes through a traumatic event with the use of pills, but gains help from a spiritual guide who helps her understand the value of life.

Fair Trial by Stephen Francis Short, Drama - A newly admitted convict soon discovers that his new prison has its own unique justice system.

Faking It by Brian Howell reuel51 Short, Drama - A body conscious woman is forced to face her fears when a friend takes her shopping for a new blouse.

Fallen Warrior by Simon Parker Short, Drama - The father of a fallen solider plans revenge on the general who he sees as responsible for his son's death.

tamil nagaichuvai/comedy

One location, two characters. A boy grows up only to be falsely acussed of something he didnt do, this causing his only family member to dissown him. Fate brings the two back together only to encounter hard problems, with a tragic ending. False Pretenses by Steve Meredith Short, Drama - A decade after David Chambers was acquitted of murdering his entire family, newspaper reporter Cooper Reed pays a visit to a man whom he previously thought was dead. That man is Sam Geary, who wrote several articles about the Chambers crime, and came dangerously close to uncovering the truth.

Soon after meeting Sam, Cooper is caught in a game of cat and mouse, where the lines between truth, fiction, friend, and enemy, are all blurred.

But everything seems to be going wrong for Jason recently and he doesn't feel particularly sociable. Family Name, The by Timothy F. Betts souterfell - Sitka Spruce Short, Drama - An elderly collator pursues a coincidence to his past life. She meets a man 20 years older at a party. He needs a sexy young wife, she needs a ring. What could go wrong? Farm Girl by George Willson tubkas Short, Drama - A daughter deals with her father's chastisement by shooting her food.

But it's not tattoos on the menu here. Fatal Revelation by Fausto Lucignani Short, Drama, Supernatural - A supernatural revelation abruptly impacts the lives of three people. Fate Fancied by Nathan Chin Short, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural - After suffering a fatal accident, a young man finds himself in a spiritual limbo in which he must choose how he will spend his eternity.

How long it has been there, no one knows. But ten year old David is about to discover that some boxes should never be opened.

For inside this box is a secret that could have devastating consequences for the human race. Based upon the short story by Matthew Reilly. Fault by Steven Clark Short, Drama - In a time when emotional pain is a crime, a teen must decide the fate of a loved one.

At home and outside, children are instructed how to be more confident. Feels Like Falling by Eric Wall writing as Michelle O'Connell Short, Drama - An elevator operator finds his simple job becoming much more complicated when he tries to talk one of his building's tenants out of an abusive relationship. Fiesta Muerta by David Lambertson eldave1 writing as Short, Drama - Sometimes, you ought to not leave the country for your bachelor party.

Fifteen Minutes by Lenny Mancusi lenman and Anthony Russo ajrscreenworks Short, Drama - Two men discuss life's little annoyances on the way to meet a friend. Fighting Demons by Edward Michael Demarsh Short, Drama - In her search to heal her ailing husband, a wife receives supernatural help from a mad beggar. Final Confession by Nikki April Lee Short, Drama - A ruined married couple gives one final confession to save what is left of their dying marriage.

The Final Cut by Dominik Short, Drama - Steven has the ability to cut his next day with a program, but what happens when he accidentally cuts his death scene? Final Pawn, The by Craig Ramirez craiger6 Short, Drama - On the eve of a critical battle at the outset of the American Revolution, three people stuggle with their devotion to each other and their fledgling nation.

In the end, they find that not all is as it seems 17 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Finding Peace by Nikki April Lee Short, Drama - A mentally ill woman reconnects with her deceased military husband in an unexpected way. This script needs some work, and I'm willing to work with somebody to bring this story to its full potential. Howard Hunt. First Anniversary by Chris Beadnell Short, Drama - Although meeting by accident a year before, this hopeless romantic cannot ever imagine life now without his one true love.

Of course a special proposition deserves a special occasion. The First Step by Cameron Dueker writing as Lord Nelson Short, Drama - With her marriage hanging on by a thread, a tired wife struggles with the limits of just how much she can take. McPhearson Short, Drama - Dialogue-driven and pointedly-paced, 'The First Step' features only two scenes, at first glance unconnected, but by the conclusion, interwoven. First Stone, The by T.

Joseph Fraser Blakkwolfe Short, Drama - A woman is faced with a difficult choice in order to save her son from a deadly condition. Fishing Blues by Adam Olenn Short, Drama - A fly-fisherman loses the catch of his life when he's not man enough for the fight.

This is what happens. Five days later he gets his revenge, and all he wanted was some ice cream. A Flicker of Hope by Larry A. Jaggard Short, Drama - Normally uncooperative nursing home employees must band together in order to save the life of one of the home's residents during a storm that was not forecasted. Flipped by B. Peterson Short, Drama - Two graffiti writers, incarcerated for violent crimes, reminisce.

Flower Girl by Edith Cooper Short, Drama - A lonely young girl, lacking friends and a mother's love, struggles--after a brief glimpse of happiness--to overcome and find meaning in a devastating loss. Food For Birds by Steve Miles Short, Drama - A long awaited act of retribution takes an unexpected turn when the would-be victim makes a final request.

Food For Thought by Will Goodwin Short, Drama - Two older men, one a vegan and the other a carnivore, argue over which dietary plan is superior. But no matter the preference of diet, the end result is all the same. The Fools Guide to the End of the World by Logan McDonald Short, Drama - A college aged, self-proclaimed prophet leads three of his friends toward an apocalypse that is not really happening.

Russell Short, Drama - To save his wife, a man makes a bargain that takes away what he loves Paul enacts his revenge.

For Lack of a Soul by Rod Mosby Short, Drama - 60 years after a life altering accident, a man attempts to get his old life back. An older priest knows where of he speaks. For Those Of You Who Don't Know Me by Devin Clarke Short, Drama - An emotional closed off brother attempts to write a eulogy for his sister prove fruitless, until her ghost returns to show him how difficult her loss is going to be.

Forbidden Heart, The by Lindell Gross Short, Drama - A young woman learns that she will die if she does not receive a transfusion of rare blood from the father who molested her as a little girl… 19 pages pdf - Discuss this script.

Forbidden Love by Neil Starr Short, Drama - Two star crossed lovers from opposed cultures, struggle in the face of prejudice and bigotry to have a loving relationship, which, ultimately ends in tragedy.

Forgive Me Father by Teegee Alakpa Short, Drama - About a community nurse who becomes aquianted with his first patient and has troubles dealing with his past. Found by James Redd Short, Drama - A young girl emerges from a cellar into the silent eeriness of a post-apocalyptic world. She journeys to find the door to which she holds the key as something follows her trail.

Fountain of Youth by Richard Russell Short, Drama - An older couple visits an adoption agency in search of a particular infant and is accommodated by a smarmy agency president. Four Walls by Greg Farnese geefar Short, Drama - An agoraphobic woman struggles to break through her confining disease when her overly domesticated pet cat runs away.

A script for an entry for the Vimeo Weekend Project: Film Noir. Fragile X by Skip Byrd Short, Drama, Mystery, Thriller - A young cop part of a robbery gone wrong discovers a disappearance of a young woman at a hospital. Or is the wheel man playing on two sides of a tight wire?

Free, Free, Free? His post on public forum about a current affair leads him in trouble. His journey through that gives us an insight about the times we live in and have to fit in the crowd around to have a surviving place.

Fridge Feeder by Anthony Cawood hosted by Anthony Cawood Short, Drama - A desperate woman turns to technology to help her diet, but the tech has other ideas of how to help. Friendemies by Marcus Walton Short, Drama - This is when dirty cops have a mission to take from a known drug dealer, the plan has become altered. Greed has set in and a new agenda has taken place, but by taking this action they have to pay the ultimate consequence.

Funded by James Brown Jr. Short, Drama - A young aspiring athlete with a secret, goes to great lengths to keep his hopes and dreams alive. The Future by Jonathan Rumbolt Short, Drama - A married man with children tries to make ends meet on the stock market after getting laid off from his job.

The Future Quiz by Chris Beadnell Short, Drama, Mystery - Three strangers have a chance to win one million dollars each if they can correctly answer just one question.

Their future depends on it. Gardenia's Perfume by Helio J. Corderio Short, Drama, Crime, Fantastic Crime - Are the arms of a flower good enough to defeat prejudice, envy and hate? Getting Out of Dodge by Ben Morales Short, Drama - After realizing that they don't want to fall into the all-to-common cycle of getting pencil-pushing jobs and leading unfulfilling lives, two recently graduated teens decide to rob a gas station in order to fund a worldwide getaway. Contains strong language and racial abuse.

After the death of a friend, a group of mates go on a road trip in remembrance, but a secret is still hidden that could tear the group apart.

The Gifted Photographer by Ian J. Courter Short, Drama - A photographer pays a housecall to shoot a family portrait where his true talent becomes apparent. Gilgo by Anthony M. Dionisio Short, Drama - A look at he unsolved murders as told from the victim's potential point of view. A homeless girl wakes up in a room and is told that she died and is now in heaven. The Girl in the Fence by Anthony Cawood Short, Drama - An anomaly in an online photo opens a schism between a childless couple, it may be resolved for one if only she can understand what the photo reveals.

Going Down another script with the same title by Kyle Hasegawa writing as Short, Drama - Multiple obstacles stop a man from going downstairs via elevator. Before he does though, his Chief of Police sends him down to rural Kentuky, where a retired veteran of the force has some words of wisdom waiting for him. The two discuss the job, as well as whether or not mankind is inherently good or evil in nature.

Goldilocks by Mitchel Taylor Short, Drama, Thriller - A young girl finds her way into a home where where she might not be welcomed. Gone by Curtis Rainey Short, Drama, Thriller - A troubled young boy must come to terms with the reality of death 7 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Cathy Donovan.

At the end of the day, both Billings and Donovan learn what it feels like to do everything they can, and yet be left with no choice but to accept the inevitable. Good Night by John Newman Short, Drama - A terminally ill man discovers that it's harder to let go of life than he imagined.

Tonight his devoted wife is serving a meal meticulously prepared from special ingredients. Grace by Jane Therese Short, Drama - A gifted singer lets her voice mask her gender turmoiled adolescence. The Grade by Steven Clark Stevnclark Short, Drama - A truck driver's first day on the job proves hazardous when she encounters something that was "not covered in the manual.

Graft by Anthony Cawood Short, Drama, Dark Drama - A grieving Doctor cannot understand why the skin grafts keep disappearing, she suspects a thief but the answer is much more macabre. Gravedigger by Gregory J. Baldwin Greg Short, Drama - A disturbed funeral home worker is reunited with his high school bully--who has just died. Now, with torturing memories returning to him, he must decide what to do with not only the body, but with himself.

The Great Destruction by Jahongir Bahrom Jahon Short, Drama, Animation - Humans destroy a beautiful forest and still all the trees, but two unlikely lovers bring the life back to it. Great White by P. Cook angry bear writing as Queenie Tarantela Short, Drama, Crime, Thriller - A crime boss and his goons, regret letting an extremely annoying woman into the elevator with them. The Greatest Illusion by Nat Miles Short, Drama - A short film about an aspiring magician's first performance, and the doubt and anxiety that goes along with it.

Green by R. McManus rendevous hosted by Rendevous Short, Drama - A reclusive artist says he will come out of hiding to show his new work. The crowds flock to see. Grenade by Steve Miles Short, Drama - A chance discovery at an abandoned army barracks gives a bullied youngster a chance to reconnect with his errant grandfather. Gruncle by Richard F. Guardian by Gareth Green gazz Short, Drama - Mathew dreams that his fiance is an angel sent to watch over him. When he wakes there are feathers at the bottom of his bed.

Is she really an angel? Guardians of Mayfair by Ray Whitter Short, Drama - Great friendships amongst a small town's residents persevere against life's foes, both great and small.

Guilt by Chris Shamburger Sham Short, Drama - A guilt-ridden couple returns to the scene of the accident that changed their lives. Guilt Trip by John Staats writing as? Short, Drama - A short fare across town turns into a guilt trip down memory lane. Guitar Dances by Steve Burton SBurton Short, Drama - Beverly, a choreographer, observes Joe as a stranger with a walking disability and then discovers his musical talent which leads to mutual inspiration. As he turns his life over to chance, he discovers his fear is legitimate and The Brotherhood is real.

Hagridden by Henry Christner writing as: Commodore Perry Ladeu Short, Drama - With his wedding day approaching, a man believes he has fallen in love with someone else -- his long-time tormentor. The Half Glass by Razi Haider srazihaider hosted by Half Glass Short, Drama - Two different people stuck in their own circumstances trying to find happiness out of there hopeless lives.

Half The Man by Marqus Bobesich Short, Drama, Coming of Age - A young slacker ruminates on life, love, and growing up while piecing together elaborate pool mosaics for his affluent clients. Half-Mile by Steve Meredith srusteve09 Short, Drama - What if you were enjoying a nice meal out with your spouse, and unknown to you, in the booth next to you, two men were plotting your murder? That's the predicament that a middle aged couple and two assassins find themselves in late one night while visiting the Half-Mile diner.

Neither party knows who's sitting in the next booth. Happyness Road by Helio J. Corderio Short, Drama, Adventure - The life is an unexplored road that everyone has to drive and to decide between luck and badluck.

Unfortunately she falls asleep in bus and misses her stop. She is alone on dark road with all demons from her past. Hatshepsut by Terrell L. Frazier Short, Drama - we explore the very beginning of the Legendary Queen Hatshepsut's rise to power and how her love for the commoner Senenmut came to be.

Will it be the reunion she's hoped for? He Harm Many by Adam Nadworniak Short, Drama - After surviving the wrath of a slasher a year earlier young Jamie turns to a secret company that matches the perfect slasher to his Final girl. H eat of Wartime by Diogo Figueira Fdiogo Short, Drama - Among the survivals of a war, one man must overcome his food philosophies in order to save a seven year old vegan girl. Death and vengeance. Hell and consequences.

Hello Brooklyn by Brandon Weber Short, Drama, Romance - Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. Heroes by Steven Clark Short, Drama - A father and son take a journey they were never supposed to make, on a day they'll never forget. Hillside by Nikki Lee Short, Drama - A dedicated cop risks his life to earn the trust of a dangerous community who has lost faith in the Justice System after an innocent citizen is gunned down.

On his way, he meets numerous characters and finds out that the world of crime is not as full of glamour as it seems. Holiday Man by Richard Russell Short, Drama - In the age of the app and the gig, you can find a man to play any role you want.

Well this one will blow you away! His prayer before each roll may be more than just a plea for Heavenly intervention. Home Movies by Sean Chipman mr.

Homecoming was Atom and Eve by David Lambertson writing as Also Blank Short, Drama - A woman travels through a strange and dangerous land to reach her final resting place.

Crime drama. The Honey Moon is Over by Stephen Brown stebrown Short, Drama - When a devoted father's patience is pushed too far by his alcholic wife he must answer to her violent father. The honeymoon is truly over. Hospital Please by Simon Parker Short, Drama - Pregnant and about to give birth a beautiful woman builds a friendship with a lonely taxi driver who dreams of a family of his own.

Three actors, an office room and a house. House Band by Simon Parker Short, Drama, Music - Desperate to impress an older beautiful girl who dreams of becoming a pop star, Bob allows her to use his parents' house to hold band auditions while they're away on vacation.

What will he decide on and will he be able to stick to his word? House Plants by Simon Parker Short, Drama - With his parents newly divorced a young boy only seven years old, trapped in the house with his increasingly depressed mother tries to save his fathers dying house plants. Thinking this will bring him back.

Restoring his family. Betts Souter Fell Short, Drama, Sports - A last-leg ballplayer struggles for his ticket to the show on the last day of the minor league season. Human Nature by Margaret Avnet Short, Drama - A man seeks revenge on a former classmate who teased him in high school. Hungry Boy by Tom Musinguzi Short, Drama, Family - Abandoned boy in a grim Ugandan orphanage leaves fights against insurmountable odds just to get an education.

Now their live is on the line. Hunting Rabbits by Thomas Buell, Jr. Rademan Short, Drama - Dennis is a frustrated novice screenwriter.

Join Dennis and Mark, his cynical best friend, as he searches for answers at a local open mic night 15 pgs pdf - Discuss this script. After forgiving him, Stephen and Jack become best of friends until Stephen confesses to a shocking revelation that will change Jack's opinion on his father. Two men chasing him. A dream of freedom that ends bad. I Left Through The Window by Phil Reynolds Short, Drama - After his car has broke down, Scott goes in search of help on the hottest day of the year and comes across a phone box in the middle of nowhere which is waiting for him to pick up the next call.

I spy by Simon Parker Short, Drama - When an adulterous man finds hidden cameras in his home he's soon being blackmailed but by who and is this just about money or something more. Based on the short story by Haruki Murakami. Identity Crisis by Emmanuel Chukwuma Amobi Short, Drama - A transgender makes a suicide video after going thorough physical and emotional pain.

Ignoble by Brian Howell reuel51 Short, Drama, Horror - A teenage girl goes to a clinic for help with a problem, but things aren't all that they seem. It eventually gets ugly. Can he do it? Can he beat Death? Things goes south not long before the young man gets what he wants through an unconventional turn of events. Impulsive by Hunter Vogt Short, Drama - A high school student who likely has Borderline Personality Disorder makes an impulsive decision to run off, but his lack of planning ends up hurting him.

Stanley's stoop by a baby kidnapper, Miss Jane. In A Pinch by Rene Claveau writing as Sebastian the Crab Short, Drama - A woman returning home to take over her family's legacy finds it's much harder than she ever imagined. In Sheepskin by Sean Chipman Mr. Blonde Short, Drama - A police officer tries to get a confession out of a murder suspect.

In The Flesh by Jordan Wiebe theboywhocouldfly Short, Drama - A man and a woman have a discussion about their dietary differences and things go from bad to worse to eww.

An Incident by D. Liu Short, Drama - The mother begs her son, a Harvard freshman, to lie to the police after a domestic violence went terribly wrong in this seemingly perfect Asian-American family on the Thanksgiving night.

Three characters an Asian female, an Asian male, a White male. Senator Chuck Kilbride's employees discuss the Senator's chances at winning re-election. The bullying at school has started again, but with Aaleyah at her lowest. She is pushed to make a life changing decision. Inflated Ego by Matthew Hughes Short, Drama - Investigator Marry Miller arrives home one evening to discover she is in the company of an uninvited, lethal house guest. Initiation by P.

Cook Angry Bear Short, Drama, Dark Comedy - A young black man, ready to celebrate his promotion and proposal to his girlfriend, runs into a young white girl on her own mission. Ink Monkey by Anthony Cawood Short, Drama - The Terracotta Army stands ready to guard the Emperor in the afterlife, but one man must stay with them on the General's order, and just one unusual friend can help him say his goodbyes. Inner Journey by Bill Sarre reef dreamer Short, Drama - An unconventional counsellor seeks to explain to a new client the meaning of her inner journey, only to discover it is more complicated than even he could imagine.

Producer note: Drama, one location, two actors. Innerlock by C. Innocent Guilt by Robert L. McBride Short, Drama - When an ex-hooligan falls in love with the woman of his dreams, he realizes he's made the biggest mistake of his life. Insidious Pretext by Fausto Lucignani Short, Drama - A devilish, middle-aged executive seeks to change the life of a young job applicant so that he can become her lover.

Two leading actors and two minor parts. Insight by Richard Russell Short, Drama - A man finds a way to us his unique foresight to make money. Inspiration by Richard F. Interesting People by Simon Short, Drama, Web Series - A drama series that focuses on a young couple who play a game, pick up the phone and dial in random numbers and strike up a conversation with whomever happens to be on the other end.

The game is to see who can find the most interesting person.

But it's played they always find themselves becoming involved with 'the interesting persons' life. Interrogation, The by Mark Curran Short, Drama - A gangster relationship with his son is examined during a brutal interrogation. Iron Garbage by Mohammad Nawaz writing as Short, Drama - An aging bellhop faces life's harsh realities as he's intertwined into the life of a championship boxer. They seem to lead to a secret room which contains something that Hunter never could have imagined.

It Effects Us All was 5: It Smells Like Death by R. Parker Cody Short, Drama - After coming home from work, Mike slowly beings to realize he may be an accessory to a murder.

Jacked by Frederick Cheaves Short, Drama - After being bounced out of a strip club, one best friend accuses the other of being scared - for not taking on the horde of bouncers - despite the latter's objection that he was simply being smart. Before the night is over the first best friend will truly learn the difference between being scared and being smart.

Jaded by Steve Meredith srusteve09 Short, Drama - While closing up shop for the night, Aaron, a local business owner, and Mollie, one of his employees, get into an intriguing discussion about life. Jake's Birthday by Chike Camara Short, Drama - What happens when fate brings a suicidal man and the son he hasn't seen since birth together? Javier by Constance Wallenberg conwall Short, Drama - An immigrant worker can only afford an old-fashioned push mower, but he becomes a unexpected success in environmentally-obsessed Beverly Hills.

Her attempt is foiled by an Angel sent to unleash her lifes destiny. Do you know what it is? Jessup by Mark Lyons rc Short, Drama - After an outburst at work, a young man obsessed with control is ordered to see a therapist, who might just be as equally manipulative as he is. Jesus' Last Moments by Helio J. Corderio Short, Drama - They need to do something to save Jesus, but they seem to be unprotected men against well-armed soldiers.

Will them succeed? Jilted by Marqus Bobesich Short, Drama - Suspecting her husband of cheating, a young woman hires the services of a bizarre internet "dating" company to prove his infidelity and publicly humiliate him. John by Joshua Good Short, Drama - Dealing with the loss of his wife, John must conquer his past in order to set an example for his traumatized son.

But when his feelings get in the way of his investigation, he must choose between what he wants, and what he needs to do. Judas Kiss by Silva Mungai Short, Drama - Judas Kiss' is a short dramatic piece about Maggie 29 , a young married woman who is fights her fears of what lies beneath the murky depths of her sordid relationship with her adulterous husband.. Judgement Train by Paul Thornton Short, Drama - As a train fast approaches a station platform, a woman has seconds to decide a stranger's fate.

Juice by Wayne Moore Short, Drama - Juice is about to turn eight, her parents want her gone due to pressures on there business and marriage. Her mother, leaves her in a park and a street bum takes her under his wings, only to end up in prison for defending her. Justice by Richard Russell Short, Drama - When a wife's killer walks, the husband takes things into his own hands. The title simply means I'm a clown. The story of a young man Kgotso 's discovery of who he really is.

Straight out of jail and with a dark past. Kgotso gets a job as a clown,a job he loathes because of his fear of kids. Only problem, his demon happens to be a man of God. Or is he? Killing Cream by Kyle Smead Short, Drama - Rafferty, a mid twenties business executive, drives to the red light district when he faces multiple identities of himself.

One became an Activist in the Community, the other became a Cop. Killing Joseph Smith by Matthew Akisan Short, Drama - On a hot summer night in , a small group of jailers must stop a determined, vengeful mob getting their hands on their prisoner, Mormon leader and founder, Joseph Smith. Know Thyself by Bill Sarre Reef Dreamer Short, Drama - When a troubled cop is sent to investigate an unexplained death at the mysterious 'Know Thyself' clinic, he soon discovers the powerful effect of their treatment.

Kristallnacht by Spencer G Short, Drama - About the events that occurred on November 9th, and into the early morning hours of the 10th in Germany. The film follows a Jewish man, David, and his wife, Deborah, on this night and what they do to stay out of danger.

Lady Eva by Steven Clark Short, Drama - An aspiring journalist recruits the help of an aging prostitute for a story, but what he gets is an all too real glimpse into the life of Lady Eva. Lambshank Redemption, The by Tim Ratcliffe trojan Short, Drama - With a vegeterian diet unwillingly thrust upon him, a convicted felon is inspired to bust out of prison and seek freedom.

The Large Window by Fausto Lucignani Short, Drama - A middle-aged man and a young woman struggle to plan a happy life together -- until reality obliterates their future.

They subject the other passengers to a journey from hell, but are they the only criminals on the bus? Last Cigarette by Pete Lane Short, Drama - Over thirty years of imprisonment have left Stan Blythe a hollow, withered old man with nothing to look forward to but that next cigarette. Will the next be his last? But then the owner comes home.

Last Embrace by MJ Hermanny Short, Drama - A loving, elderly couple cannot bear to be parted and take matters into their hands with disastrous results. The Last Footage by Dominik Kapus Short, Drama - An 11 year old has the ability to cut a scene from his future everyday, but things turn ugly after he accidentally creates his death scene.

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